Selasa, 30 Desember 2008

Reflection of 2008

One year time pass feel very is the last day of year 2008.
December become a special month, because a lot of friends getting married, some of friends' family pass away...and also some of families birthday... my birthday also in this month.
Christmas .. also another memorable time...mass of catholic still crowded in the church.
Kampung Sampireun in Garut give us a natural peace on earth...hide away from the busy city of jakarta.
Talk about my project "Grand Indonesia", this year my team has delivered almost all of apartments sold units to the tenant. Unfortunately Hotel has not ready to open.
In the month of December, SBY also launch his book at Gramedia book store. People very crowed that day...because Gramedia give 30% discount. Barbie musical show make the mall quiet heavy, and also people out for lunch or dinner at every corner they can seat.
In the month of September, i really facing that i have to choose : leaving this project or stay
My colleque Mink over me to join with Nikko Hotel. I can say 90% confirm to leave....but after talk with all my close friends in Grand Indonesia..and feel that 'Djarum' is a solid company...i decide to stay.
Talk about my Health .. i got Hipertensi in the month of until today.. i have to consume medicine "norvask" to maintain my blood pressure in normal number.
About hobbies, i have finish two big painting "genesis" and "exodus" based on the bible.
My "chatcy" house that can make me feel fresh...and sing every day... beautiful sunday...or selimut hati...surgamu...etc...
Until today, we can still find majalah 'idea' the one that make an article of this house.

I want to thank to all the best in my life : my wife Lili, my son Dian, my daughter Lia, for the love that they give to me this year. All friends in Grand Indonesia : project team, marketing team and hand over team which is work closely this year because of Hand Over process, Kempinski team.
My close family : Mak Nyo, my sister in law Lucy, my bro Linggo, and two cute nephew Carolina and Elizabeth. My sister Kee Sin who bring me to paranormal medic with her husband Djarot, Bram who still in US, Vina now in GuangZhao, Nita, Dani son of my another sister Intan, her husband Kamal, Benny and his fam. My brother Oen who now alone with his children, Osi, Wisnu, Febby, Wiwin. Silvi and Meme two children from my pass brother Anton.
My father and mother ... how are you today...thank to you .. i still remember you in my hearth.

Let this 2008 passing by...and we step in 2009....prosperous year but stip

Kamis, 25 Desember 2008


merry christmas ... to all of you...
natal seperti biasa kita lalui dengan menghadiri misa di gereja.
penuh suka cita...juruselamat telah datang..

kotbah romo selalu saja kurang memaknai arti kehadiranNya
hanya menyentuh arti kesederhanaan yang dialami bayi Jesus yang harus ditidurkan di palungan sebuah kandang sapi...
sudahkan kita membuka hati kita...untuk kehadiranNya...
itu rasanya yang Ia mau...

Jumat, 05 Desember 2008

Kamis, 04 Desember 2008


my "five years old" sitting at typical verandah of chinesse java house